Awaken the horses!

It was a tiring weekend but totally worthwhile. It was algo a good idea to forget for a while how exhausted I was and to wake up this morning at 6:30 just to see these birds still asleep inside the hangar:


How many horsepower on this single picture above? They were waiting for only a few more minutes before their pilots came to do all the before flight preparations and take them back home after the wonderful airshow they did at the Itápolis AirShow 2015.

Below you can see the pilot of the Pitts S-12 rotating the propeller by hand before starting the engine, so as to provide an initial lubrication and to preserve the engine health.


The pilot of the Pitts S-2B takes a look around before starting his airplane.


I had the opportunity to listen these two guys sharing some of their stories and views on flying yesterday, after the airshow. They are both captains on international flights. In short they both assured: “never lose touch with these small general aviation airplanes”. Deal!

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Another Sky


I’m moving to a place where the sun shines differently. Here it is possible to follow the daylight from horizon to horizon. Not all those skyscrapers covering my view. The air brings different smells. Plants, tress, different kinds of grass. Not all that asphalt and dust and gray all over. Here the rythms are different. And I’m already getting used to this, in the best way possible.

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Sunset at Amarais


I had just arrived from a very short flight. Just 20 minutes between starting and turning off the engine. But after an intensive two weeks studying inside complex flight simulators, being taught by currently flying captains and first officers how much there is to know in the operation of complex jet planes, I really need these few minutes in the air. In the real air outside. I asked a friend to come together, but I was the pilot responsible for the flight.

So, not being a passenger in flight, and with the airplane just to close to the runway in the end of the day (therefore with the risk of meeting many other aircrafts running to land before the official sunset time), the attention was totally devoted objective issues. You just can’t spend too long admiring the colors from one horizon to another. You need to scan the sky around you trying to find that damn small airplane which is arriving without proper lights and communications. This day I found none of these.

Then comes the landing. That very intimate moment with the airplane. All at once everything must be coordinated together. The power setting, wings configuration, your position relative to the runway where you want to land, the rate of descent inside the air, which someplaces is moving up from thermals and just ahead is going down over a colder ground. A complex mixture of instinct and precise calculation.

And after that flight, after leaving the airplane, I look outside and see this beautiful sunset, waiting a few minutes more for my attention. And life feels just perfect.

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Walls of history

Time goes and though it works faster over people, unmost unnoticed houses and buildings undergoes its forces too. New buildings are seen from far, but the small houses which gave place to them vannish from the city missed only by those who used to use that very street everyday.

And in some places other houses still resist. May be an old couple still lives in there. May be the grands are already gone but a new family inherited the house and struggles to keep it connected to history.

And here in São Paulo city we have some small business helping history to breathe. Small places that buy old wall tiles and keeps them like ole books on a library. Maybe somebody will show up looking for that particular drawing so that the old walls will look as new again.

I visited one such place the other day and had a good time there talking to the man working in there. He’s been working in this business for 12 years now. He has been looking to the history march right at its very eye.

Below, some pictures I took in there.



Here you see that many of nteresting tiles were used in front of the store:

And to see the tile below was very meaninful to me because it is the very pattern there was in my grandmother’s kitchen. Made me remember when I used to go there as a child, on sundays.

As for my grandma, she isn’t alive anymore. And some months ago, after we lived in the house for many more years, the house was sold, my mother moved to another city… Walls can be fixed, but history will never stop.

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Mirrors years and years back


Mirrors. To the past? To the present? I know it’s been a long while since my last post. Who would still come here? Who is still interested in this internet desert? The question seems to be a very simple one. I know.

But don’t let yourself be fooled. After many months, after many years away, who would still be reading you?


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Motorcycle meeting at Tiradentes, Minas Gerais state, Brazil

There I was in my second visit to the city Tiradentes, in the amazing state called Minas Gerais in the heart of Brazil. This time, to my surprise, there was this big motorcycle meeting near the camping where I was and, of course, I went to take pictures and meet some people.

People in there were very friendly. When I arrived, the first feeling is something like “oh my, maybe I should not be here with my lille bike”, because all around you see those big bikes full of proper decoration, while my 250cc Honda Twister, in its happy yellow color, has nothing special at all! But people came to talk to me, invite for beer and tell lots of traveling stories. It was a wonderful afternoon!












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Happy new year

30 sec exposition and a flashlight :)

30 sec exposition and a flashlight 🙂

Feliz 2013, or Happy 2013, in Portuguese. My friend Cezar had this amazing “handwriting” with a small flashlight. We were in a camping in a small city named Tiradentes. There we spent the new year’s day. It’s a storical city in Brazil and I enjoyed the experience of being on a small city a lot. The new years celebration was a lot more interesting than in a huge metropolis like São Paulo, at least for my taste.

And you? I hope 2013 to be begining the best way possible, for you all!

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