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The Beast

I was a stranger arriving at that scene. But the Beast was already there. Happy if he knew me for years. He was jumping happy if I was an old friend showing by for a visit. A blanket and two … Continue reading

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Walls of history

Time goes and though it works faster over people, unmost unnoticed houses and buildings undergoes its forces too. New buildings are seen from far, but the small houses which gave place to them vannish from the city missed only by … Continue reading

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Flight lesson: flying to São Carlos airport in a small airplane

When it comes to flying, the “place” is very big: a whole part of the country over which you are flying, but it is also very small: the cockpit of the small general aviation aircraft, where two grown ups fill … Continue reading

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My house is bigger

Nearly ten hours crossing the skies of the earth at around 550 miles per hour, 36.000 above the Mediterranean. The Saara desert. The Atlantic Ocean. I left Rome with the last sunlight of the day. And the first rays of … Continue reading

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At home in Rome

By the time I write this post I still have two more weeks here in Rome. But I already miss the place. As for the house, here is some brief ideas of the house, some views, and lots of pictures … Continue reading

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Japanese students singing

I left the laboratory in a lovely afternoon and instead of going home I decided to just walk around the campus of the Yokohama National University. It was already dark when I heard some singing and decided to check it … Continue reading

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Walking all night in Rome

When I went to the Couch Surfing meetings, in Rome, I had one problem: transportation. I needed a little bit more than one hour to go back home. Considering there was no more buses or subways after midnight, you already … Continue reading

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