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Japanese students singing

I left the laboratory in a lovely afternoon and instead of going home I decided to just walk around the campus of the Yokohama National University. It was already dark when I heard some singing and decided to check it … Continue reading

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Japan’s deep misteries (or not so much…)

What’s this? Why…..???? What is he doing????? Oh… how often I was struck by this kind of questions in Japan! They were quite often inspired by scenes such as the three I selected below… Fist of all… when was the … Continue reading

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Yokohama as I saw it in the night

Yokohama Station. Far away from the Wadamachi area. But instead of taking the train, by the Sotetsu Line, and going the 5 stations until Wadamachi, I prefer to walk… Forty minutes. May be one hour, or even a bit more, … Continue reading

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On a Naval Engineering Laboratory

Why was I in Japan, last year? Tourism? No! I’m a Naval Engineer, and I went to a laboratory in Japan to learn from their way of making experiments. But… this was my first flight outside Brazil, the first time … Continue reading

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The japanese bow… …and arrow!

It is called “Kyūdō”, and it is a beautiful sport. I found it when just walking around the surroundings of my apartment. As with everything else in Japan… they practice not only the sport itself, but also, in a very … Continue reading

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And then, you need to do the laundry

And you see this: Well… all I can say is that it’s a wonderful way to teach foreigners like me a little bit of Zen Buddhism, at least with respect to “don’t worry about what will happen to your clothes… … Continue reading

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It is your first walk around Tokyo…

… so, what do you see? I took the train on the Wadamachi Station, Yokohama, which is a Sotetsu Line train. Then on the Yokohama Station I changed to the Tokyu Toyoko Line, to the Tokyo Station. Once there, just … Continue reading

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