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Motorcycle meeting at Tiradentes, Minas Gerais state, Brazil

There I was in my second visit to the city Tiradentes, in the amazing state called Minas Gerais in the heart of Brazil. This time, to my surprise, there was this big motorcycle meeting near the camping where I was … Continue reading

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Buy old books in the streets of Rome!

This place is in the Piazza Esedra, near the subway Repubblica. I loved to search for old rare books in there!

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Snow in Rome

I had just experienced a very intense cold. It was minus 2°C in Madrid, but since it was very windy, when I came back to the apartment of my friend, late at night, my face was feeling like burned! Then … Continue reading

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Cultural richness

This is just a mexican snake happily working on a british pub. The picture, by the way, was taken in Rome.

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From Rome to Egypt, to Japan, to Brazil and more!

There I was in a pizzeria where works this egyptian, Ebrahim. After going there at least once a week for two months I was finally able to have a longer conversation with him. I started it. I was provoking. I … Continue reading

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Important heads

Walking on the Villa Borghese, you can see some statues of different types and different persons. Here, for now, I show the pictures. How knows in the future I have more time to write here exploring the history behind these … Continue reading

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At home in Rome

By the time I write this post I still have two more weeks here in Rome. But I already miss the place. As for the house, here is some brief ideas of the house, some views, and lots of pictures … Continue reading

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