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Street Photography–Portraits of Porto Ferreira

I must confess I haven’t completely made my mind about a sensitive aspect of street photography: should people authorize being photographed or not? I think one decisive distinction is between a group of people or a particular one. If you … Continue reading

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Milton Cruz, the Tin Man

This afternoon I went to the Paulista Avenue to meet some friends. On Sundays, this central avenue transforms itself into the stage for virtually dozens of musical bands and it is also a place for sellers of various products…. among … Continue reading

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Rodrigues and his accordion

I had just watched an Almodóvar movie, Julieta. So, I was definetely in a good mood. Not that the movie is in itself happy. But to reflect at the depth of life from the intense upheavals one finds in such … Continue reading

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The Beast

I was a stranger arriving at that scene. But the Beast was already there. Happy if he knew me for years. He was jumping happy if I was an old friend showing by for a visit. A blanket and two … Continue reading

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Sunset at Amarais

I had just arrived from a very short flight. Just 20 minutes between starting and turning off the engine. But after an intensive two weeks studying inside complex flight simulators, being taught by currently flying captains and first officers how … Continue reading

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Walls of history

Time goes and though it works faster over people, unmost unnoticed houses and buildings undergoes its forces too. New buildings are seen from far, but the small houses which gave place to them vannish from the city missed only by … Continue reading

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Motorcycle meeting at Tiradentes, Minas Gerais state, Brazil

There I was in my second visit to the city Tiradentes, in the amazing state called Minas Gerais in the heart of Brazil. This time, to my surprise, there was this big motorcycle meeting near the camping where I was … Continue reading

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