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Between flying and engineering, I try to find some time to explore everything I can... Looking for interesting people and places, and trying to tell some of the interesting stories I find, is the objective of this blog. In the process, hopefully, my pictures will get better and better (they all say experience time has something to do with this...)

For breakfast

As I was walking around Mouila by the morning before preparing the aircraft for another flight I found this place with these tasteful fried breads. Very good ones! Advertisements

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We arrived

It is the beginning of a new and exciting project. Two small airplanes re-assembled on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Street Photography–Portraits of Porto Ferreira

I must confess I haven’t completely made my mind about a sensitive aspect of street photography: should people authorize being photographed or not? I think one decisive distinction is between a group of people or a particular one. If you … Continue reading

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Milton Cruz, the Tin Man

This afternoon I went to the Paulista Avenue to meet some friends. On Sundays, this central avenue transforms itself into the stage for virtually dozens of musical bands and it is also a place for sellers of various products…. among … Continue reading

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Rodrigues and his accordion

I had just watched an Almodóvar movie, Julieta. So, I was definetely in a good mood. Not that the movie is in itself happy. But to reflect at the depth of life from the intense upheavals one finds in such … Continue reading

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The Beast

I was a stranger arriving at that scene. But the Beast was already there. Happy if he knew me for years. He was jumping happy if I was an old friend showing by for a visit. A blanket and two … Continue reading

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Classic Flight School – Vale Eldorado, Brazil

During an unexpected day off from my work as a rain-maker, I decided to take my motorcycle and, instead of heading back to the big São Paulo metropolis, I faced the 15 miles of a dirt road. At every corner, … Continue reading

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