No, I’m not a professional traveler, if such exists… I’m an engineer. But, even so, I’m still a human being. And, as such, I love to discover new places, and to meet new people and to live interesting stories… This blog is part of my will to share the experiences I live when trying to find something new!


11 Responses to About

  1. Gilly Gee says:

    Thank you visiting my blog and so pleased you liked it. It seems like you’re new around here, you will find it a friendly, fun and supportive place to be! Happy writing! 🙂

    • Axel Pliopas says:

      Yes yes… I arrived here in the WordPress less than a month ago… and I confess… I was planning to write a blog, I’m sort of doing this… but the biggest fun I hadn’t planned… the lots of other blogs and people I’m discovering here! 🙂 Thank you for your visit and support! 😉

  2. Cowboy says:

    Howdy –

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m glad you did. Good luck with yours !

  3. Animockery says:

    I have been awarded the Leibster Blog Award and I am passing it on to you. I am new to this so I am not sure if this is typical it is just what I figured out after the Google told me.

  4. kaie w. bird says:

    Hey yoush! Haven’t seen you around in a few days… hope all is well in your world and your livin’ the good life back at home! = )

  5. thanxs for stopping by my blog!!!!

  6. Hola Alex, me alegro que hallas pasado por mi blog y te halla gustado la fotografía, de esta forma me has dado la oportunidad de conocer el tuyo, espero que te valla bien, saludos

    • Axel Pliopas says:

      Yo no hablo español muy bien … Pero decir que fue un placer encontrar tu blog. Me encanta la fotografía y sé que son hermosas fotos en el sitio, y los lugareños son muy bonitas también! Gracias por su visita.

  7. Hello, Axel, just nominated you for the ” Versatile Blogger Award”! Keep fascinating us with your travels and images…

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