Mirrors years and years back


Mirrors. To the past? To the present? I know it’s been a long while since my last post. Who would still come here? Who is still interested in this internet desert? The question seems to be a very simple one. I know.

But don’t let yourself be fooled. After many months, after many years away, who would still be reading you?


About Axel Pliopas

Between flying and engineering, I try to find some time to explore everything I can... Looking for interesting people and places, and trying to tell some of the interesting stories I find, is the objective of this blog. In the process, hopefully, my pictures will get better and better (they all say experience time has something to do with this...)
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2 Responses to Mirrors years and years back

  1. Olga says:

    I’m still here. Eu sigo vc e seus blogs e recebo avisos quando tem post novo 🙂

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