Presbiterian Church at Rio de Janeiro

During the day: work. After work, you go out with your friends to find out more about the city. This time it was easy… just crossing the street from the hotel we arrived at this Presbiterian Church. We were allowed to take picutres, we were invited to watch a musical rehearsal for the christmas, and finally we meet really nice people who told us a little bit about the history of the church. Curious fact: some statues of people outside the church, sitting as if in a lecture, are all of people who are still alive! It must be very curious specially for the little girl in the front seat… I hope you enjoy the pictures.


























About Axel Pliopas

Between flying and engineering, I try to find some time to explore everything I can... Looking for interesting people and places, and trying to tell some of the interesting stories I find, is the objective of this blog. In the process, hopefully, my pictures will get better and better (they all say experience time has something to do with this...)
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