Stars at night

We live among stars. And it is wonderful to get in touch with this truth more directly, from time to time. Ir order to do that, of course, the best places are far away from big cities.

I spent this weekend on a little farm away from São Paulo. The city there is called Porto Feliz, literaly “happy port”. It was a happy place to be. Below, some pictures I took in the night from saturday to sunday:

A night view of the house in Porto Feliz

The stars

There I am, making an exorcism on myself. The miracles of pictures with long exposition time!

More stars by the swimming pool


About Axel Pliopas

Between flying and engineering, I try to find some time to explore everything I can... Looking for interesting people and places, and trying to tell some of the interesting stories I find, is the objective of this blog. In the process, hopefully, my pictures will get better and better (they all say experience time has something to do with this...)
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8 Responses to Stars at night

  1. kaie w. bird says:

    That first photo is really pretty good!! And you said you weren’t a photographer… = ) Glad you got a way from the busy city too… I love cities, but sometimes your soul needs a little calm and silence to organize all of those sights and sounds.

    • Axel Pliopas says:

      Hahahaha, but I’m not a photographer! I only have a new good camera that seemingly have a better eyesight than me, I’m really happy with that. It’s a nikon D5100, and with a tripod, at night, you can see things impossible to see with your bare eyes only! About going away from big cities, yes… staying in a big city is very important for me… books I can’t find in other places, different places to go, all this movement… But being more in touch with nature, from time to time, is something deeply important for our spirit! 🙂

  2. The Hook says:

    Beautiful work, my friend!

  3. rommel says:

    Sao Paolo! The name alone rings in my head. Plus there is this song called “Sao Paolo Rain” that I really love. I always imagine what it’s like there. I can only probably daydream about the place.

    BTW, I was once a pool boy. That pool is spick and span! It looks like a mirror.

  4. I live in a huge metroplex, so seeing stars is a rare treat for me.

  5. Carol MMs says:

    Uau! I can’t believe! Beautiful! 🙂

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