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Out for a few days…

…collecting more stories. And a little thought here: I haven’t really been writing about “people”, only about places and stories… In fact, every time I want to write about the people I met, I’m afraid I have not enough time … Continue reading

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From Rome to Egypt, to Japan, to Brazil and more!

There I was in a pizzeria where works this egyptian, Ebrahim. After going there at least once a week for two months I was finally able to have a longer conversation with him. I started it. I was provoking. I … Continue reading

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Important heads

Walking on the Villa Borghese, you can see some statues of different types and different persons. Here, for now, I show the pictures. How knows in the future I have more time to write here exploring the history behind these … Continue reading

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At home in Rome

By the time I write this post I still have two more weeks here in Rome. But I already miss the place. As for the house, here is some brief ideas of the house, some views, and lots of pictures … Continue reading

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Japanese students singing

I left the laboratory in a lovely afternoon and instead of going home I decided to just walk around the campus of the Yokohama National University. It was already dark when I heard some singing and decided to check it … Continue reading

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Japan’s deep misteries (or not so much…)

What’s this? Why…..???? What is he doing????? Oh… how often I was struck by this kind of questions in Japan! They were quite often inspired by scenes such as the three I selected below… Fist of all… when was the … Continue reading

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Walking all night in Rome

When I went to the Couch Surfing meetings, in Rome, I had one problem: transportation. I needed a little bit more than one hour to go back home. Considering there was no more buses or subways after midnight, you already … Continue reading

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