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What is really important in your life?

Thanks to Couch Surfing I met many amazing people while in Japan. Juju, for instance, a japanese girl who could speak Portuguese pretty well because she’s been in Brazil for a while and also lived about one year in Angola! … Continue reading

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Not only sushi and ramen!

I must thank Professor Hirakawa, of the Yokohama National University, for helping me find out more about the traditional japanese food. On the way to a technical visit to an Ocean Engineering laboratory, we stopped by a restaurant I would … Continue reading

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God bless the children

There is a lovely place over one of the seven hills of Rome, where you can see the sunset behind the Vatican. The place is called, in Italian, the “Pincio”, and this peaceful and nice area was the spot choosen … Continue reading

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The spirit of Tiberinus

A long river… a long history! In the Aeneid, the great poem of Virgil, Aeneas has a dream… The god of the river tells him about the future of a great city by the river. The great city is, of … Continue reading

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THIS is a travel around the world!

Let’s face it: we are all amateurs… At least when it comes to travelling around the world. Why do I say so? Well, try typing the name “Giorgio Bettinelli” on Google Images. The photo below is probably the first one that … Continue reading

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That awkward moment when…

…you realize you have tons of free time in this new land, since you still have no friends, you don’t understand the television, the internet is not configured and you don’t have a bike… Then you start doing something. As … Continue reading

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Just a walk around…

Thanks to the miracles of the jat-lag biology, it was 5 am and awake I was. First morning in Japan! I couldn’t stay in my room… Took a fast shower, and went to walk! Then I had this feeling… I … Continue reading

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